2017 SIX03's Reach the Beach Team

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Reach the Beach Fees Include Registration, Vans and Gas, 
This year like last year, since Ragnar has taken over, we have to pay right away instead of Aug. They have now capped this race so if we don't pay up we risk not getting in. So we need everyone to register/ pay as soon as they can. - YOU MUST BE A SIX03 MEMBER

Please Select what size t-shirt you want. The shirts are Mens and Womens Sizes.

In the Details / Note Section please include your Date of Birth and slowest 10k pace. We will need that to register you.

Do not Register on the RTB website. We will do everything under SIX03 Endurance. Any Questions Please Email tom@six03endurance.com

Date: Sept 15th and 16th
Website: http://www.rtbrelay.com/how-it-works/